Love spells are and have been some of the most sought after spells in all the history of the world. After all, when we feel lost and alone, or when our crush doesn’t like us back, doesn’t everyone want to feel as though they are loved? If you feel you’ve met your soulmate but they just don’t seem to notice you, isn’t the desire to make them love you nearly overwhelming? Be warned, however, that these kinds of spells can be dangerous. Any spell that seeks to over-throw someone else’s will and force them to do what you want them to do will only have negative rewards for you in the long run.

Are They Hard To Read?

Love spells don’t have to be exotic or expensive, and in many cases the simplest spells will work the best just because they require less energy to work which means you have more energy to put into the spell. Focus on looking at spells that strengthen your relationships with others rather than on spells that force people to like you. Look for love spells that draw love towards you and bring positivity into your life. When you have found a spell you like begin your rituals by cleansing yourself of negative energy. It is very important when working with love spells to be sure that your negative energy is gone as negativity can change the intention of the spell and make it dangerous.

Start by giving your bathroom a thorough cleaning and covering your mirrors with towels – preferably white towels. Draw a bath and add a handful of sea salt to the water giving an affirmation that states that your negativity is washed away as you step into the water and you are renewed. Next, light three white candles, turn off your bathroom lights and turn on some relaxing music. Slip into the water and close your eyes. Spend some time focusing your thoughts on the outcome you want for the spell. Avoid thoughts that center around forcing someone to accept your affections and instead turn your attention towards thoughts of bringing love and affection into your life. Think about sharing affection in a positive fashion with the focus of your affection. Take the time to care for yourself. Part of inviting affection into your life is feeling confident enough to accept it when it comes. Make sure every part of your body spends time under the water. Wash your hair, shave your body – cleanse your body as you do your soul.

When you are ready to leave the bath, once more banish negativity from your life, but then add in an affirmation that you are love and that you are willing to accept love in whatever forms it comes to you. Carefully leave the bath and end your ritual with any other self-care activities that you enjoy – a cup of tea, scented oils… whatever it is that makes you feel loved and cared for.

These sorts of love spells are the best spells to cast as they do not hover on the edge of black magic, but instead allow you to openly and freely be able to give and receive love in whatever form it comes.

Watch this video for a good explanation on the power of Love Spells!